During operation of the charging station, malfunctions can occur, recommendations for eliminating which are given in this table. Please note: in all situations it is necessary to call 8 (812) 640-40-60.

Possible reason
Charging station does not respond
No power to the charging station
Check all connections;
check the status of automata.
Charging process does not start
Customer charging card is not recognized;
emergency stop button pressed.
Use the correct map;
turn and press the emergency stop button to return to its original position.
The charging process is spontaneously interrupted.
Charging session is interrupted by an electric vehicle:
- unable to identify traction battery
- overheating of traction battery detected
- communication error of the charging station and the vehicle
- the current value requested by the electric car exceeds that provided by the charging station
- voltage of the traction battery is lower or higher than normal
Contact an authorized maintenance service to diagnose the on-board electric vehicle systems.


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