• Make sure the LED ring is highlighted in green - this indicates that the charging station is in working condition.
  • If the charging ring is highlighted in red, notify the operator by the phone number indicated on the information poster next to the station.
  • Connect the charging cable to the electric vehicle and the charging station
  • Attach the charging card registered on the operator's network to the place indicated in the form of a circle on the station body. You will hear a characteristic short beep.
  • In this case, the LED ring can be briefly highlighted in yellow, which indicates data exchange.
  • If successful, the cable will be locked and the charge mode will start.
  • During the charging process, the LED ring is highlighted in blue
  • You can expect to end the charge completely or terminate the charging session with a charge card
  • When the battery is fully charged, the LED ring will be highlighted in yellow

    You can stop charging at any time by putting a charging card to the place indicated in the form of a circle on the station body.

    To end the charge, use the same card as to start it.

    Attaching the charging card, you will hear a distinctive beep. This will unlock the cable and end the charge.

    Carefully remove the charging cable from the charging station and the electric vehicle.

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