During operation of the charging station, malfunctions can occur, recommendations for eliminating which are given in this table. Please note: in all situations it is necessary to call 8 (812) 640-40-60.
Possible reason Remedy
Charging station does not respond
No power to the charging station
Check all connections;
check the status of automata.
Constantly triggered protection device
Defect in grounding;
for a charged electric vehicle, special grounding is necessary;
charging cable malfunction;
charging station malfunction.
Check electrical wiring for damage and replace damaged wiring;
check the charging station for condensate in the case or moisture in the electrical connections;
measure ground resistance and compare with the value required by the electric vehicle supplier.
The indicator is permanently red.
One of the security devices worked;
Check the status of protection devices;
inform the technical support service.
The indicator is constantly lit in yellow
An electric vehicle is not connected to the charging station;
electric vehicle fully charged;
charging cable defective;
the car is programmed with a timer;
ground resistance is higher than supported.
Check the correct connection of the connector (plug) of the charging cable and the input connector of the electric vehicle;
check grounding;
change the timer settings in the electric car.
Connector (plug) charging cable does not come out of the input connector of the charging station
The card used to complete the charging process is not read correctly (the indicator flashes purple).
Use the same card as when starting the charging process;
check the status of the charging cable locking mechanism.


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