The electric car market is developing at a very rapid pace. Almost all global automotive brands have in their arsenal a model with an electric motor. In many countries, electric cars already occupy a market share of over 25% of the total number of new cars sold

LTD " AEG " (trademark EV-Time) is one of the pioneers in the market of charging infrastructure and electric vehicles. Today we offer a full range of services from the production, installation and maintenance of charging stations of all types to the sale and rental of electric vehicles. We invite you to join the business of innovation and advanced technologies in the field of environmentally friendly transport and infrastructure for it.
Cooperation options:
1. Franchise
For those who are interested in a new and promising business, we offer Franchising - this is a form of cooperation in which you start a business that is already successfully operating. Franchising allows you both at the initial stage and subsequently to receive the support of the franchisor’s company, which helps at all stages of running your business. Buying a ready-made franchise business, you, as an entrepreneur, immediately receive:
  • ready famous brand
  • ready site and software products
  • turnkey solutions
  • prepared target audience
  • training
  • patronage of an experienced partner
  • key to spent marketing solutions
  • savings in advertising and organizational expenses, etc.
2. Partnership
Electrical and trading companies, we offer turnkey solutions and products that will expand the range of products and services of your company.
3. Collaboration
For commercial property owners: business and shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, as well as dealer centers we offer unique marketing solutions for attracting customers and developing charging infrastructure.
Benefits of installing charging infrastructure
For owners of commercial real estate
  • The obvious advantage will be to attract additional paying customers and increase the time of their stay. For most electric cars, the average time for recharging the battery is 1-2 hours, which car owners will spend on the territory of a shopping or business center using the services offered there.
  • In addition, charging stations can be used to advertise your tenants or decorated in your corporate style with a logo or any other information.
  • The presence of the CS suggests that your company is FOR modern technologies and progress, on the one hand, and FOR a favorable environmental condition   on the other. This position creates a positive impression on tenants, employees and visitors.
For automakers and dealerships
  • For customers who purchase electric cars from you, we are ready to offer a turnkey solution in the field of charging infrastructure. Our line of charging stations covers any needs for all commercially available electric vehicles without exception.
  • Our company also provides a range of services for installation, installation, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of charging stations, obtaining the necessary permits. 
Please send your questions and offers on cooperation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will be happy to discuss possible joint projects with you.

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