History of electric vehicle

The electric car though seems the newcomer from the future, actually is a guest from the remote past.

At the end of XIX — the beginning of the 20th centuries between DVS and the electric motor there was fierce competition, and everything said that the future behind electric cars.

Even in Brockhaus and Efron's well-known encyclopedia in the article "Car" separately made a reservation that electric cars — are more perspective, it is only necessary to wait until Edison licks the accumulators into shape.

Time went, and technical difficulties haven't been solved. Henry Ford hasn't waited — Thomas Edison didn't manage to achieve the acceptable capacity of the accumulator and a little worthy speed of charging in any way.

And electric cars have completely lost to cars with DVS in the first third of the last century.

Already in the 1920-hgodakh in the world there were more than 20 million cars. About a half of them were made by Ford cars (model T).

Of course, electrotransport continued to be issued (for example, trolleybuses, popular in our country), but in rather small volumes. Electric cars couldn't compete at prime cost, couldn't offer the same favorable price, size of run and time of gas station.


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