The advantages of electric cars.
  • Zero CO2 emissions. When driving, an electric vehicle does not emit any harmful substances or gases into the atmosphere. If the high-voltage battery is recharged from renewable energy sources, then the electric vehicle can be operated without CO2 emissions. According to MOESK, replacing 900 cars with electric cars will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by 10 thousand tons per year, making it possible to save 5.2 thousand tons of standard fuel per year and 742 billion rubles over eight years.
  • Low noise level. The electric drive (electric motor-generator) is much quieter than the internal combustion engine. Thus, the noise level of electric vehicles is very small. At high speeds, such cars are dominated by tire rolling noise.
  • High efficiency. The electric motor has a high, up to 96%, efficiency as compared with an internal combustion engine, the efficiency of which is 35–40%.
  • High degree of reliability. The electric motor is very reliable and does not require expensive maintenance. It is subject to only minor mechanical wear. The transmission device is simpler, because such components and parts as the gearbox, clutch, muffler, diesel particulate filter, fuel tank, starter, generator, spark plugs are absent. With the exception of the gearbox on the electric motor-generator, the electric vehicle does not require oil for lubrication.
  • Best dynamic performance and comfort. The motor has more optimal torque and power characteristics. Already from the moment of launch, it develops maximum torque. Thanks to this, an electric car can accelerate much faster than an automobile with an internal combustion engine at the same power. When braking, the motor can perform the functions of a generator, generate electricity and charge the battery (energy recovery).
  • Easy to charge. The battery can be conveniently charged directly at home, at the bus stop during the trip, and from all the sockets that are within the reach of the outlet.
  • Lack of vibrations.

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