• The ability to charge an electric car is becoming an increasingly common request among residents of multi-apartment complexes, townhouses and other residential real estate.


    The installation of EV-Time charging stations brings real estate closer to world-class standards, and is also one of the most effective ways to support the idea of improving the environment and preserving the environment.

  • An electric car is not a luxury, but where is it charged? On the air of "Autoclub with Denis Shubin" we will talk about electric cars.
    The studio's guest is Iya Gordeeva, CEO of AEG (trademark EV-Time), which develops the infrastructure of charging stations for environmentally friendly transport.

  • The plot of the TV channel "St. Petersburg" tells about the development trends of the electric vehicle park and charging infrastructure in the Northern capital:
    "Manufacturers of charging stations are already ready to give electric cars fuel. For this, there are many variations of innovative gas stations. Home, corporate and public for leisurely charging - about 6 hours. And also express speakers that will enliven the car in a couple of hours [express 45 kW stations reduce charging time to 20-30 minutes]. "

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