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From concept to mass product: automotive industry leaders boost commercialization of electric vehicles.

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Petersburg Technical Fair 2016 . In the period from 15 to 18 March 2016 in the exhibition PTYA 2016 in CEC EXPOFORUM company AEG (trademark EVTime) introduced the charging stations for electric vehicles own assembly .

Our mission:

To promote development and prosperity of business of our clients by providing advanced charging solutions for e-moblity in St. Petersburg and other regions of the Russian Federation.

Our purposes:

  • Making use of a vast experience of employees, information and professional practices, technical expertise to offer services and to perform complex projects effectively.
  • It is constant to expand a range of the services and works offered by the company, according to the growing requirements of the market and the predicted demand changes.
  • To keep independence of the company by means of the qualitative organization, use of modern technologies, orientations to intensive continuous development and improvement.
  • Social responsibility, creation of conditions for work in team and realization of potential of our employees.

Our advantages:

  • EXPERIENCE. The company operates since 2008. The wide experience of performance in different types of projects enabled us to succeed in design, engineering researches, ecology, power inspections, supervision and industrial safety.
  • QUALITY. We use a ISO 9001-2011 system, and internal standards with provisions are also developed and introduced.
  • OWN TECHNICAL BASE. The company has its own fleet of the EVSE equipment, cars and tools, allowing to perform all of the necessary works.
  • INTEGRATED APPROACH. The company is active in various fields: R&D, ecology, power inspections, supervision, industrial safety. Our expertise allows us to make use of this rich experience competitively.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICES. Thanks to our own state-of-the-art production and laboratory base, we can offer our customers best prices.
  • INDIVIDUAL APPROACH. We seek to study in detail requirements and tasks of our clients, a condition of the specific project and goals. We find effective solutions, both for the large national companies, and for the enterprises of small and medium business.
  • Our projects and materials successfully pass the examination in all coordinating organizations.
  • Risks and responsibility of our company are INSURED.

The reputation of our company consists of reputation of each certain person who is the member of our team. Therefore the company has an ethical code reflecting norms and the principles of behavior of our employees. We see this as an important step on the way towards creation of the favorable working atmosphere and the most comfortable cooperation with our clients.

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